A Study On The Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Aloha! The appellation given to me is “Donald William Chang” but please call me Dach for short!

My intended area of study for business would be in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, leadership, and business law, ethics, policy, strategy, & society. The Scavenger Hunt activity gave me a hands-on opportunity to navigate the online campus in order to locate and remember where important learning and informational resources were located. It also demonstrated to me how the process could actually be fun and engaging at the same time.

OK! Now onto the nitty gritty!
 1. The role of higher education today, in my opinion, should be cultivate, and encourage individuals in their pursuit of self discovery and in exploring areas of life that they’re passionate about.

2. Yes, the mission of modern universities and colleges has changed. These institutions used to ensure their students where equipped with the skills necessary to become self sufficient, critically thinking, educated, and contributing citizens of society. Nowadays universities and colleges, in general, teach individuals how to work for a company or corporation in order to make a living. 3. Student profiles have indeed changed by becoming more diversified, especially in terms of student age. Take a brief look at yearbooks and profiles from even just eleven years ago, and compare them to their 2016 counterparts. I have noticed many older students pursuing a higher education for themselves, whereas before it was mainly young

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