A Study On The Stock Market

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The time available to conduct the study was only 7 weeks. It being a wide topic had a limited time. Share market is so much volatile and it is difficult to forecast anything about it whether you trade through online or offline. Limited resources are available to collect the information about the derivative trading. Some of the aspects may not be covered in my study.The study shows that most of the investors our money in Fixed Deposits because this is the safer investment alternative among the other entire investment alternative for the investors. If some investors invest in the share market than those investors are come from the service group and most of the investors are invest our money for delivery or holding purpose i.e. not for the intraday. Investors presume that there is high risk in the derivative market. Investors should start our money in share market.  It helps investors to earn high return in our investment in comparison to other instrument of investment alternative.  Investors should start investing in derivative market which helps to earn high return as well as for hedging.  SEBI should conduct seminars regarding the use of derivatives to educate individual investors.  There is a need of more innovation in Derivative Market because in today scenario even educated people also fear for investing in Derivative Market because of high risk involved in Derivatives.Derivative Type: 1. FORWARD CONTRACTS  A forward contract or simply a forward is
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