A Study On The Weaken The Colon 's Normal Function

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It is strictly advised to follow the procedure as detailed in the Gerson basics workshop to avoid misuse of coffee enemas which could potentially weaken the colon 's normal function, for they tend to extract large amount of potassium from the body. Minimal consumption of protein, fat foods, and ample amount of fresh fruit and vegetables can be adverse to the system; however, Charlotte Gerson makes a comparison of humans to elephants who are much larger mammals and survive on a plant based organic diet, for they make up for the missing nutrients with other plant supplements. It is believed that the glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple, green-leaf juices, organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains can compensate for the missing elements and when taken together in the right balance as instructed by the Gerson practitioners. Consequently, it is strongly advised not to mix the Gerson diet with other diets as the balance could potentially be thrown off. In addition, the majority of fruits and vegetables on the Gerson diet are mainly positive on the alkalinity chart which adds to their effectiveness as cancer thrives in an acidic environment. The liquid form is preferred for the diet as it is a more efficient method to get the most nutrients into the system in comparison to a solid diet. Congruently, the Gerson Therapy requires that a diet that is lacking of pesticides, herbicides and preservatives to prevent the effects of a poisoned soil on a poised body, and maximize the

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