A Study On The 's ' Las Meninas ( The Maids Of Honor )

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At first glance, the 17th century paintings of the Baroque period, India, and China may not have much in common, but upon closer inspection there are relationships and divergences to consider beyond the surface. These details can be seen between Bichitr’s Jahangir Preferring a Sufi Shaykh to Kings, Wang Hui’s A Thousand Peaks and Myriad Ravines, and Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor). While each carries the style of its own location of origin, they all showcase influence and subject matter similarities and differences worth making note of, most specifically the presence of duality in focus within the paintings. The first painting is 17th century art from India, Bichitr’s piece depicts Jahangiri being seated among an…show more content…
(Sullivan). The third of the paintings stemming from the Baroque period done by Velázquez is one of his many works for the court, setting the tone in the particular area, while not extending much further (49, Bazin). The court employing Velázquez was that of King Philip IV, with the focus of this painting being the king’s daughter. This particular piece has not only the artist himself depicted, the children of the court scattered about, but also a mirror in the back showing the King and Queen standing as the painter is depicted to be painting their portrait. Each point of attention draws way from the former, then pushing to the next in a cycle of focus. Once Velázquez started using almost strictly the style of portraits, he mastered the art using the available means to the fullest. The painting at hand in particular uses his mastery of portraiture to the fullest in varying who is being painted and their positions on the canvas (59-60, Bazin). Each painting draws influence from their individual location of origin, mostly in subject, to appeal to the patrons of the time. While each piece was created within the 17th century, there are obvious differences from place to place in how they were meant to be created. This is evident in the materials used for the paintings, Velázquez’s piece being oil on canvas, Hui’s being a hanging scroll consisting of ink on paper, and

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