A Study On Urban Conservation

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In our twenty-first century, urban conservation has become an inescapable element of the way cities remake themselves ( Pendlebury and Strange, 2011). Since at least the 1960s, urban conservation is a concept that has been with the UK (Rodwell, 2007), but the start of conservation in different countries has different situation. Compared with the UK conservation, conservation in China begins relatively late. In this essay, the studying area is in China. By learning from the UK conservation principle, the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience based on the lectures and references, this essay aims at the actual situation of historic site and discusses the conservation theme for it. A Brief Introduction of the Site At the beginning steps for a conservation area, it is importance to understand its values and assess its significance (English Heritage, 2008). The historical site for this essay is Wanzi Block in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China. At first, the city Yangzhou with more than 2500 years of history and profound cultural heritage is designated the State Historical and Cultural City by the State Council of PRC. Then Wanzi Block which is located at the centre of old town has been one of the four historical and cultural blocks of Yangzhou. This block covers 32.5 hectare. Traditional handicraft industry and businesses gathered here in the past. The name of Wanzi Block is from this block’s core alley -- Wanzi Alley. From the plane view, this alley is diagonal
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