A Study On Wellness And Science

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Wellness/Science Overview
While majoring in wellness/science I would often get asked “what’s your major” and when I respond “wellness and science” I would always get a crazed look. I would then say it is basically kinesiology and that is when they would assume I was taking the easy route or wonder what I can do with that major. Wellness and science is a career field based on the study of the human body. It focuses on the study of the movement and enhancement of the body. It also focuses on the body’s movements from psychological, biological, and physiological perspectives. It also focuses on primary secondary and tertiary health preventions. Exercises and physical activity are two very important things in this field. Because this career
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Injury/Illness Prevention and Wellness Protection. Athletic trainers work with athletes. When you are at a game and see someone on the sidelines that isn’t coaching or playing but they are always there watching it is probably that school’s athletic trainer. They are always present for practices and games for emergency care. A good trainer should pay as close attention to the game and or practice so that they can see how the athlete got injured with their own eyes so they have a better understanding of what may be wrong with the athlete before assessing him or her. Because in most cases athletes get hurt and in the heat of the moment they have no idea what happened because they are so caught up what they are doing during the play. After the player is hurt or injured the trainer can call a doctor for further examination or for prescription medicine. After the player has been seen by a doctor the trainer then begins the rehabilitation process in which he or she puts the injured player through a series of exercises to strengthen their injured area.
I’ve been an athlete all my life and until I came to Arkansas Tech to play football I had yet to come in contact with a real trainer. In high school the trainer only came twice a week once at the beginning of the week and once on game days. At my Jr college the trainers where more like students who never paid attention. Both my high school athletic trainer and my Jr college athletic trainer favorite

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