A Study On Wireless Network

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Name: Title: Institution: Introduction. A WLAN is a wireless computer network that links two or more devices using a wireless distribution method within a limited area such as an office building. It provides short range wireless high speed data connections between devices such as laptops and phones and a nearby special hard ware connected to a wired network. It tries to imitate the structure of the wired LANs using another medium to transfer data instead of cables. This medium uses Radio Frequency which is electromagnetic. Wireless LANs consist of two main entities, the client or end-user devices and Access points (AP).The end-user is equipped with devices that enable the user to use the radio frequency medium to communicate with other wireless devices. Strengths of WLANs • Flexibility-The major advantage that users don’t need to physically connect with the router. The internet is accessible anywhere therefore offering greater flexibility. Its radio waves can penetrate walls. • Cost savings-This system are inexpensive to set up and also operate. Its access points are economical to users and certainly, branch office option for small branches where remote controller is used. • Enables network connection for different kinds of devices-It enables connection to different kinds of devices ranging from computers, smaller devices like phone and tablets also have internet access through wireless connections. •
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