A Study On the Correlation between Social Status and Academic Performance

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Spring, 2013


The main aim of this paper is to examine whether there are significant differences in academic performance of students of …………. University with regard to their social background. There are social differences among students that create social inequality, mainly due to the existence of classes in society. Students representing different social classes can achieve different results in their career paths. The paper’s point of departure is that there are great deals of socio-economic factors that can affect the academic performance of the students. These include the education level of student’s parents, family income, the type of
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These conceptualizations include social class as more than just an economic measure. For example, Weber saw property, skills, and education all contributing to the concept of social class, which is sometimes used interchangeably with socioeconomic status.3 He argued that social class has three dimensions of stratification: class, status and party and that these three dimensions are distinct entities and cannot be resolved under the single concept of class.
Thus, in brief from the concept of social class we understand a group of people within a society who posess the same socioeconomic status.

Preposition: Students who represent upper social class are more successful than others (positive relationship)

H(null): There is NO relationship between the level of social class and the level of academic success.

A social class is a group of people that is characteristic of owning the same social, economic, political position on the basis of which is placed in different hierarchical occupations. Besides this leads to social differentiations. So the concepts that need to be explained within the scope of this research are social class, social background and success.


In order to research the validity of the hypothesis, the conceptualization process is used at first. The points that can affect the level of
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