A Study Proposal On Waste Products

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Waste products like plastic bottles, beer bottles and food waste being turned into wearable commodities and introducing new technologies in Indian markets for crafting innovative silhouettes for further environmental accountability.
Currently, we are witnessing the birth of a new business paradigm. A paradigm fuelled by technology that is forcing the balance of power in innovation to shift from the few and big towards the many true drivers of change. Due to high usage of old technologies in creating textiles or crafting silhouettes, natural resources are being wasted or can be said are being misused. The key thing missing in textile creation is the usage of modern technologies and organic raw materials. This proposal would aim at creating new technologies in India which produces good quality textile from the waste materials which are harming the environment and by using the food wastes to create wearable commodities by creating awareness amongst the Indian people for using such eco-friendly commodities and making those commodities as the latest fashion trend and style statement. By conducting survey amongst the designers and manufacturers, this will try to recognize and address the issues and concerns behind not promoting and producing those organic and eco-friendly textiles at affordable prices to save the natural resources. In conclusion, this proposal would aim at providing the theoretical solutions on the usage of eco-friendly textiles by
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