A Study Published In The Journal Pediatrics Found That

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A study published in the Journal Pediatrics found that majority of fifth to twelfth-grade students were unhappy with their body weight and shape. For the older generation, it can be questionable that such young children would be concerned with their looks. But when one takes the time to explore through social media, popular television shows or magazines, it is hard to find elements that encourage healthy body images. As the pressure increases to have the false body image media has advertised for years, teenagers are left to seek for extreme measures such as cosmetic surgery to fit in with their peers. Although some studies show that cosmetic surgery shows temporal improvement in psychological issues such as self-confidence, for young…show more content…
(Blanchette). Lastly, no current U.S. law prevents teens from having Botox treatments or fillers done. With parental consent, any teenager, who is willing to undergo Botox treatment, cannot be restricted by the law (Blanchette). As the rate of teens having cosmetic surgery rise, many are questioning if teens should be allowed to have cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery, which is an elective surgery to alter the physical appearance, has strong connections with someone 's mental capacity to handle the sudden and painful change. For teenagers who are in the process finding their own identity, cosmetic surgery can lead to dangerous results. Mary Pritchard, a psychology professor at Boise State University, states that until the age of twenty-five, the brain’s decision-making functions are not yet fully developed (qtd. in Collins). Which concludes that teenagers have the possibility of making irrational decisions when it involves sensitive subjects such as popularity and beauty. Many who have experienced plastic surgery agree to the inefficiency when it comes to improving self-confidence, which is a popular reasoning for many teenagers. Annan, who got a nose job, said that having a nose job did not increase her self-confidence which was hitting rock bottom. Additionally, a girl who had her nose done in high school eventually suffered from depression and anorexia which caused her to continuously
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