A Study of Cisco's ERP System

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Cisco's core business involves advanced networking technologies used in organizations a crossed the globe to connect to the internet. In this particular industry, the competitive rivalry was intense. Cisco faced competition from other players in the industry such as 3Com, Nortel, Lucent etc. In order to improve its market position and core competencies, Cisco maintained a strong dedication to innovation in both technology and management which exceeded the norms generally found in Silicon Valley. As a result of this, the company's IT background and its company's culture of innovation helped to launch the ERP system in an expedient manner. Since projects by definition, have unique circumstances then they are beset by risk intrinsically (Benta).The internal IT experience that Cisco had in network systems became an extraordinary asset when Cisco began to choose internal leaders within company for the ERP implementation project.
Legacy IT system
Prior to the implementation of the new ERP system, Cisco utilized a UNIX-based software package to manage all of the various business functions within the organization. The business processes supported by the existing software package was limited to financial, manufacturing and order entry systems. The functionality of this IT system was insufficient to support Cisco's desired growth in its industry.…
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