A Study of Consumer Attitude Towards Mobile Marketing

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Final Project Research Proposal CONSUMER ATTITUDE TOWARD ADVERTISEMENT VIA MOBILE PHONE STUDENT NAME: Zohaib Ahmed Jaffery Roll No.: A1BM-109007 COURSE NAME: Final Project SUBMITTED TO: Sir Waqar Qadri DATE OF SUBMISSION: October 24, 2012 ABSTRACT The use of cell phone has rapidly become an integral part of our lives and has become the source of economic growth and employment opportunities at the country level (Madden and Savage, 2000 & Sridhar and Varadharajan, 2007). In many countries, mobile phones are often people’s only way of telecommunication (CSR Report, 2003). They are addressing their specific needs and encouraging the use…show more content…
Last but not the least Warid also took active part in diffusion of cell phone immediate after Telenor in May 2005. Network coverage of almost ninety percent of the total population of Pakistan has made mobile industry even more attractive for foreign investment (PTA, 2007). Growth of cellular phone industry in Pakistan is as marvelous as in developed countries and especially in star Asian countries. The cellular industry reached to 89,325,296 subscribers in July 2008 from just 306493 connections in 2000. That not only changed the penetration rate from 3.66 (1.66 percent mobile phone) per 100 in 2001-02 to 49.91(42.6%) per 100 in 2006-07 but also changed the concept about cell phone “A Luxury Thing” to “A Necessary Devise”. Success of the telecommunication industry especially cellular industry of Pakistan has changed the economic and social conditions of the country. At country level, Mobile sector contributed, a total of Rs. 312 billion to the economy in 2006, representing more than five percent of GDP. Mobile communication in Pakistan has raised GDP growth rates by 0.12 percent for each one percent increase in penetration. Resultantly, an increase of about 28 million in subscribers between 2005 and 2006 has contributed 1.7 percent to the country 's GDP growth (Deloitte, 2006). Approximately 2,718.7 Million US$ were invested in cellular industry in 2006-07. Telecommunication industry was the biggest sector for foreign investment 1824.2 million
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