A Study of Cotton Trade and Trade in Africa Essays

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A Study of Cotton Trade and Trade in Africa

History of Cotton

The word cotton is derived from the Arabic word ‘qutun’ or ‘kutun’ which is used to describe any textile that is very fine. Cotton is one of the oldest known fibers in the world, which has been found by archeologists during the course of excavating ancient civilizations. Traces of cotton fiber were found to exist over 5000 years ago, when archeologists were excavating a cite in Mohenjo Daro, which lies in the Indus Valley in West Pakistan. Alexander the great and his army brought cotton goods and material to Europe around 300BC. However, the price of these cotton goods was so expensive that only the rich could afford it.

The southern states of America started growing
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Water requirements for the cotton plant depend on the weather conditions, though a successful harvest requires at least 75 centimeters of rain or irrigation water on average.

More about cotton

Cotton is the shortest commercial textile fiber. The cotton plant that is grown commercially grows to a height of about 1.2 meters. The cotton plant is fairly drought tolerant, though it requires a regular and adequate moisture supply to produce profitable yields. Cotton is grown in over 90 countries over the world, out of this 90 countries, 75 of them are developing countries. Although cotton is grown in both hemispheres, a higher percentage of cotton is cultivated in the Northern hemisphere. The times for harvesting and planting cotton are reversed in both hemispheres i.e. when it is the time of planting cotton in the Northern hemisphere, it is time to harvest cotton in the Southern hemisphere. Cotton is mostly cultivated between 37º N and 32 º S; however, its cultivation has been extended to 45 º N in China. US paper currency isn't paper at all; it is a blend of 75% cotton lint and 25% linen.

Cotton in the United States and Government subsidies.

The state of Texas has the highest production of cotton in the United States. Cotton has been the leading cash crop in the United States for very many years and is still currently the leading cash crop in the United States. Every year, the state of
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