A Study of Dufry International

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Dufry International Dufry international is a global duty free company whose operations are over 44 Countries. The Company has its base in Basel, Switzerland. The Company has over 1,000 shops that are in operation located in airports, seaports, onboard cruise liners and other locations that attract tourists (Dufry AG, 2006). It is therefore the largest travel retailer in the world and a global leader in its segment. It is globally active with its corporate structure organized in four regions. It works with local partners and make adjustments o the services offered to local habits of the customers. Its vision is clear which is to be the most innovative a profitable company. It is in pursuit of a strategy of profitable growth focus being on the tourist destinations and emerging markets. Dufry International just like other organizations has put up policies that are in line with the three bottom line policies that are used to measure an organizations success. This three bottom line policies are based on people, planet and profit. The triple bottom line is made up of social, economic and environmental factors. Dufry international has a policy in place that pertains to people. This policy is to ensure that the organization in its activities is fair and the business practices are beneficial towards labor and the community and region where the organization conducts its business. Therefore as an organization with the three bottom line policies in place Dufry international

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