A Study of Gender Equality at a Workplace in Singapore

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Data Collection
Previous Literature
Pie charts
Findings and Discussion
Disussion of each sample along with results depicted from the case study
Bar graphs
Results Analysis
Q18: In your opinion, do you think there will ever be equality in workplaces between the two sexes?
Q17: How do you think a workplace can be improved to be more 'equal' on the gender differences? (Multiple answers are allowed)
Q16: In general, do you see any differences when come to job opportunity for the male and the female in Singapore that you are currently working/were last worked in?
Q15: In relation to your answer to question (14) above, what could be the reason(s) for the more gender in the management positions? (multiple/additional answers are allowed)
Q14: Which of the below best describes the gender of the managerial level and above in your present/last company?
Q4: What is the highest level of education that you have achieved?
Q3: What is your nationality?
Q 2: What is your gender?
What is your age group?
Q5: What is your marital status?
Q7: How many years have you been working?
Q13: Do you feel that your present/last workplace has/had provided a balanced and fair environment between the male and the female workers?
Gender Equality in Workplace of Singapore
The study conducted in this document is related to the gender equality in the organizations of Singapore. According to the study it is observed that the inequality in organizations of Singapore
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