A Study of Ralph and Gregg Lewis' Book 'Inductive Preaching'

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As a religious leader, the preacher is given the task of educating his parishioners both in clerical matters and in giving them the tools to become better versions of themselves. What to do, then, when the preacher speaks to his congregation and is not heard? How can a man turn a speech into an effective sermon? What's more, how can a man turn an unruly group into a unit who will listen and heed his teachings? These are the questions which this texts seeks to address and to aid. For many preachers who are facing this issue, they might wonder what it is that they are doing wrong. Each preacher is giving the same sons, although they may be at different times and points. Some men are able to instill faith and courage in his flock with little effort. Others require training and reeducation on how to be effective speakers. This book first and foremost makes sure that the preachers understand that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with them; they are not bad preachers. It is simply a matter of being taught the best ways to reach their listeners. Inductive preaching, according to the authors is a way in which messages are delivered. According to the Lewises, the likes of Jesus, Peter, Paul, Augustine, St. Francis, and other important biblical names were all leaders who…
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