A Study of Religious Healthcare

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Religious Healthcare Introduction Religious healthcare came up with the different religions in the United States of America. The Roman Catholic churches were the first to come up with these systems. Their intentions were to reach out to the poor who did not have medical covers. The church penetrated to the remote areas and they were able to put up dispensaries and also offer in-house treatments. In their programs, they included the nutrition education to the people and also the need for physical fitness. The religion was very influential to the society and their services were received with open hands. Their medical facility was affordable with quality medication. They provided food supplements to the malnourished and also issued food stamps to the needy. With the changing society, religion healthcare became popular and research showed that it is even more popular than any of their competitors (Pearce, 2005). In the United States, Healthcare has been affected by many changes in the clinical practice. The social and institutional lives have also affected the systems. The religion sector has come up with clinics that have lower rates than the general hospitals hence most patients are comfortable attending those clinics. Religion has taken major impact on its followers despite the changes in the society. The healthcare system has had its challenges and needs improvements on some areas (Tollefsen, 2007). For instance, the nursing services have to be well planned. This
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