A Study of Spirituality in the Workplace Essay

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1. What is your definition of spirituality in the workplace? Spirituality in the workplace means that employees find nourishment for both the vertical and horizontal dimensions of their spirituality at work. Spirituality in the Workplace is about individuals and organizations seeing work as a spiritual path, as an opportunity to grow and to contribute to society in a meaningful way. It is about care, compassion and support of others; about integrity and people being true to them and others. It means individuals and organizations attempting to live their values more fully in the work they do.

2. The author says that's expression of spirituality in the workplace can be both humanistic and orientated toward performance. Do you agree why or
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Religious prayer room(s). Policy on proselytizing in the workplace. Ways to foster equitable inclusion of atheists, agnostics, spiritualists, and religious personnel. Ways to foster greater integrative performance, productivity, and employee well-being through religious and philosophical (i.e., Taoism and Buddhism) differences. 5. What responsibility does the employer have to accommodate employee’s religious/spiritual beliefs? Managers should identify policies pertaining to spiritual expression at the workplace. For example, an organization should be clear about its policies about religious proselytizing. Such activities should not interfere with work nor offend other workers who may not be interested. Managers also should engage in discussions with employees about how an equitable religious holiday policy might be defined, including those people who are not religious. Finally, managers should discuss ways to accommodate spiritually guided preferences about clothing, religious symbols, and food (Page 212). What responsible he does the employee have in his/her attempt to be proactive in this accommodation? For example, employees should request an accommodation for religious activities or holidays as soon as possible; they should explain what accommodation is needed, and suggest ways in which the accommodation might be accomplished while still meeting workplace responsibilities and obligations (Pg,211).

6. When, do you believe, does bracing one religious
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