A Study of Tourism in Thailand

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction
This dissertation is about small to medium sized hotels businesses in Thailand. It will investigate their use of events as a marketing tool. The study conducted online surveys by selected hundred hotels from the travel trade show in Thailand, 2010. Moreover, two selected hotels are interviewed by telephone and through telephone the results will be analysesis and compared asinto two case studies. The findings of the two different methods will be analysed in order to compareison the use of events as a marketing tool. Furthermore, limitations of this study and recommendations for future research will be given at the end of the project.

Events marketing is one of the marketing tools that the
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Regarding to tourism in Thailand infrom the last decade, every business target market related to the tourism industry is only focused on foreign tourism. AIt makes a large number of Thai touristsm decided to travel abroad because they do not have any depthskills of tourist information in Thailand. THowever, the author also experienced from friends and family it can be seen that the first destination in their mind to travel to is any places in the world apart from Thailand. Regarding to this point, it brings the idea to the author that it is important to promote Thai tourism to Thai people within to travel in Thailand. TAs this could be ais another key to improvinge Thailand’s economy by preventing its money from being re-circulated abroad rather than within order to prevent money out from country by stimulate Thai tourism to travel in Thailand instead of travel abroad.

1.2 Definition of Events Marketing and Hospitality
Goldblatt and Nelson (2001) identified event marketing as “the process that integrates a range of marketing elements around a central event sponsorship or lifestyle-themed activity. This process incorporates advertising, employee and consumer programs, sales promotion, public relations, causes, business to business, television property, and trade promotion with a specific event.”

The term events
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