A Study of a Business Essay example

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A Study of a Business

The business that I have chosen to study as part of this assignment is Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s is a Plc (public limited company) in which is very successful and internationally known. I have chosen to study this particular business as I have an interest in Sainsbury’s and also that I shop their regularly and this will enable me to access information much more efficiently and effectively then any other business I would study. Another thing is that I know former employees that had worked at Sainsbury’s and this again may help me to obtain any information I may need in this assignment.

The Plc that I am currently studying about (Sainsbury’s) has a more complex form of
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Also as a customer may have purchased shares in Sainsbury’s they may get reduced costs on Sainsbury’s products, travel discounts and other things inside of the business. Shareholders also have limited liability which is a good thing. This basically means that the amount of money that the customer has put in to buy these shares only looses all the money that he or she has put in and therefore his or her wealth is not at risk. Some of the constraints of being a shareholder are that the share holder may loose all his money that he may invested in Sainsbury’s as the stock market goes up and down. Many of the share prices will go up if a new successful company is introduced nearby increasing in competition and this will increase the price of shares as they will go very expensive as many people may want to purchase them. Sainsbury’s would have many boards of directors who are business experts who are shareholders of the company. These people basically make all of the decisions that go on within the organisation and basically are in charge of everything that goes on within this organisation. The board of directors at Sainsbury’s will not always stay the same this may be because they are not doing there job properly and would therefore there will be a annual general meeting in

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