A Study of the Egyptian Culture

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Egyptian Culture Abstract Culture is perceived to be a structure of symbols that is learned, shared as well as passed on throughout generations of a social assembly. Culture is said to have influences on what a person perceives and also guides person's connections with others and it is a process. This paper will briefly introduce the Egyptian culture and go further to highlight on the said culture in terms of Social stratification, political life, gender roles and statues, marriage family and Kinship and Religion. Introduction The Egyptian culture has a recorded history that dates back thousands of years. It is also clear that ancient Egypt was rated amongst the first civilizations. In terms of Millennia, Egypt did maintain a remarkably complex as well as established culture that influenced afterward cultures of other nations such as Europe, Africa as well as Middle East. Soon after Pharaonic regime, Egypt became under the power of Hellenism, Christianity took shape for sometime then came Islamic culture. Currently, a number of characteristics of Egypt's ancient culture subsist in relations with most recent elements among them is the power of modern Western culture. Dissimilar to a number of third-world countries, it has not been clearly spelled out when Egypt was independent. On the other hand, the presence of a process starting with the anti British movement of the year 1919 as well as the constitution of 1923 was present and it continued through international
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