A Study of the Trans-Texas Corridor and How it Affects Texans

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A Study of the Trans-Texas Corridor and How it Affects Texans

Everything is bigger in Texas. That’s what a lot of Texans what Americans and people around the world to know – you don’t mess with Texas. In the 1950’s, when President Eisenhower created the first Interstate plan for the country and implemented new roads in almost every single state, it was the largest engineering feat in the modern world. Now, almost half a century later, Governor Rick Perry is set to break that record, with the costliest, largest, and most incredible-sized proportion Texas Trans-Corridor, dubbed the “Texas Superhighway,” a 4000 mile, $175 billion dollar project that won’t be completely functional for another fifty years (Perry). This project certainly
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Laredo contains 40% of the United States land-ship import traffic. Also, any traveler on the I-35 corridor in Texas runs into hundreds of eighteen-wheelers, increasing drivers awareness and causing disarray for drivers who are trying to see the road in front of them. Perry’s answer is to shift the traffic away from metropolitan areas. If truck drivers can bypass San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, the time to their destination would probably save them an entire day in travel. Freight rail services could veer away from San Antonio’s railroad yard, an institution bustling with activity in the wee hours of the morning. Also, commuter rail can solve environmental problems and help families keep in touch anywhere in the state without the over-burdening costs of driving (Perry). Perry’s plan begins with the setup itself: Six, twelve-foot vehicle passenger lanes in which the vehicle can travel at 80 miles per hour; Four, thirteen foot truck lanes; Two tracks for each of the following railroad establishments – high speed rail, commuter rail, and freight rail. No transportation facility exists like this in the modern world. All of these integrations to modern society are completely bundled into one, and their concept is all the same – relieve traffic in urban centers and create a safe and enjoyable experience through the Texas countryside without interruption

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