A Study on Aeronautical Manufacturing Firms

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Competition and Aeronautical Manufacturing Aeronautical Manufacturing Firms Introduction Aeronautical manufacturing firms in the United States economy come out as the single most important firms in export business. The industry has sustained high wages, heavy infrastructures, value adding aspects and sustainable infrastructure that supports other industries. The Bureau of labor Statistics estimates that, by the year 2014 salary and wage employment will rise by eight percent compared to, the overall combined growth in all industries. The industry suffered a significant decline in demand after the 2001 September terrorist attack. Slowly demand and growth of the industry has increased with higher domestic and foreign demand for airplanes ADDIN EN.CITE McGuire S.2007441(McGuire S., 2007)44144117McGuire S.,The United States, Japan and the Aerospace Industry: From Capture to Competitor.Pacific Review of Educational ResearchPacific Review of Educational Research329-3502032007( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "McGuire S., 2007 #441" McGuire S., 2007). Constraints Aeronautical Manufacturing Firms Face Dependence on outsourced component parts Recently the industry has come to be dependent on import of components parts from technologically advancing countries. In responses to increases in the number of players with technologically advanced technology, aeronautical firms have considered co-production deals, joint ventures and local content agreements. These measures are just
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