A Study on Air and Water Pollution

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Introduction There are many types of water and air pollutants. In this text, I will concern myself with the various forms of both water and air pollutants. In so doing, I will amongst other things subject the selected pollutants to an analysis in an attempt to determine their sources and effect on the environment. Air Pollutants The two types of air pollutants I select for this discussion are carbon dioxide and ozone (or what is referred to as ground-level ozone). While carbon dioxide can be regarded a primary pollutant, ground-level ozone remains a secondary pollutant. Primary air pollutants according to the World Health Organization - WHO (2006) "are those that are emitted into the atmosphere from a source such as a factory chimney or exhaust pipe"¦" On the other hand, secondary pollutants according to the WHO (2006) "are those formed within the atmosphere itself." As WHO further points out, secondary air pollutants are a consequence of reactions (chemical) of those pollutants regarded primary. Carbon dioxide is considered a primary pollutant as it is emitted directly from its source, i.e. via vehicle exhaust pipe, etc. In basic terms, carbon dioxide as the World Health Organization (2006) points out is a product of the incomplete combustion of fuels containing carbon. Ground-level ozone is largely a product of the reaction between primary pollutants and sunlight. Ozone is found in both the stratosphere and the troposphere. As Phalen and Phalen (2012) point out,
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