A Study on Barclays Bank

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Barclays financial service group came to life in the United Kingdom approximately 300 years ago. It started out first as goldsmith bankers and grew and expanded after that. After it became one of the best banks back then, Barclays began acquiring other banks across UK, such as Bolithos in Cornwall and the South West in 1905. By doing this Barclays became known throughout the company and so increased its market shares and profits. Whatever this company did was related to the fact that it wanted to increase its ability to perform its business effectively. Another great move made by Barclays is its acquisition of UK 's largest bank with its head office outside of London, Martin 's Bank, in 1969. There were many great banks within the…show more content…
Also based on an analysis of the resources of its competitors, Barclays can tell if they would be a threat. Information of its competitors can come easily of their websites, brochures, media etc. so it will be easy to do a complete analysis of them to gain some leverage and information. Barclays, in terms of reaching set goals and objectives can also look at its market. As was mentioned before, this company does a little of everything to accommodate almost each individual 's needs. By focusing on specific needs of its market, Barclays can gain more information, try as much as possible to provide for these needs. It is seen that Barclays has segmented its market, one good strategy used, in order to provide for its specific needs – young, old, rich, poor, etc. There are other external factors which affect Barclays financial group 's ability to reach its set goals and objectives. These factors are Political, Economical, Social and Technological. The political factors which can affect Barclays is the fact that there are wars within the country. The business operation that will most likely get affected by this is its offshore banking. Within the world now, as it is now becoming a smaller place with almost one market with countries as buyers and sellers, there are many conflicts arising between and among nations. Take for example the new rift between USA and Venezuela, for oil no one knows what this may spark but as a global bank in these countries,
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