A Study on Border Security

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Border security The border control has policies set to particularly stop illegal immigrants into the U.S.A. The official mission of this border control is to ensure that the boundaries of the United States are protected through prevention of illegal entry and through the detection, interdicting as well as apprehending illegal entrants, smugglers and contraband. The protection of the borders of the U.S.A; land, sea and air is vital for the homeland security as well as economic prosperity. Border controls have prioritized the issue of illegal immigration for various reasons, the first being terrorist threat. Terrorists easily exploited the immigration policies that existed hence the need to tighten the border security. Terrorists posed as immigrants and therefore a serious need to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants or else terrorism would not be controlled. Therefore the border control agencies took serious the issue of illegal immigrants due to the fact that terrorists would continue entering the country undetected. Another reason was the rising cases of insecurity issues along the borders due to illegal immigrants hence the need to tighten the security of the borders so that the violent incidences, crime and robbery largely attributed to these illegal immigrants could be dealt with. With the security of the American citizens at stake then it became an issue of priority to deal with illegal immigration. The illegal immigrants pose great economic and social
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