A Study on Crisis Communication

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Crisis communication Crisis communication can be described as a special area within communication studies that to deals with the reputation of individuals and the organization. It is always a move that intend to protect the reputation of an organization as well as maintaining its public image. There are different factors that might try to tarnish the image of an organization, for example government investigations, media inquiry or criminal attack. During crisis, communication will always set the tone of public understanding as well as response to devastating events. At this time there will be competing dynamics operating in transmitting news to a broader public. In crisis, management of information tend to be critical for the authorities who are responsible for the action as well as the organization seeking to inform the public on what is on the ground. In the course of transmitting the news there could be misinterpretation of events that might prove to be complicated once the fact is already reported, or a misinformation may arise that might foster harmful actions, (Louise Comfort, 2011). In some cases there could be a delay in information capable of creating public skepticism of authorities as well as their ability to cope with the threatening crisis, having in mind that the public is as well making their judgment. Though the existing crisis might trigger stress, there are different ways of reducing stress as well as eliminating anxiety thus helping the body to
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