A Study on Employee Attitude and Leadership Behaviour

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The Research titled namely “A Study on Employee attitude & Leadership Style” is a research study conducted among various managers in different functional areas in Sify Software Limited & Everonn Education Limited.

In this research study, the researcher has made an attempt to identify the various styles followed by leaders due to different behavior among employees.

The study mainly focus on the various attitudes of employee’s in different groups and its impact of the performance if individual, group or team & organization. Further, the study also focuses on finding out the significant relationship between the attitude of employees and its impact of completion of module, work, deadlines, and target. This study is limited to the
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Advancing at the company: The degree to which the person feels the job will create opportunities for advancement.
Financial security: The extent to which the job offers financial security to person.
Integrity: The extent to which the job provides information accurately and emphasizes impartiality and recognizes different points of view

Attitudes are not the same as values. Attitudes are evaluative statements –either favorable or unfavorable—concerning objects people, or events. It has been treated both as a general attitude and as satisfaction with five specific dimensions of job: pay, the work itself, promotion, opportunities, supervision and co-workers (Smith, Kendall, and Hulin, 1969; Balzer and Smith et al, 1990). The combined effects of these factors produce for the individual some measure of satisfaction and dissatisfaction (Herzberg, Mausner, and Snyderman, 1959). Definitions of these five dimensions of the job are given as under:

Definitions of key Job Dimensions
Job Dimensions Definition
Work Satisfaction The extent to which an employee is satisfied with work, including opportunities for creativity and task variety,
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