A Study on Employees Perception Towards Human Resource Practices

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The process of liberalization, globalization and the consequent competition made the business organizations to realize that the person with positive attitude on Human resource department have self commitment and motivation and are loyal to the organization. Organisations having employees with positive attitude towards Human resource department will increase the effectiveness and the functioning will be successful. For the successful functioning of my business organization, finance, machines, materials and manpower resources are essentials. Human resource practice deals with all the above mentioned.

1. Human resource alone can be creative. Every individual is blessed with certain creative skills that help him
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To identify the opinion on welfare measures 3. To find out their satisfaction level on statutory and non-statutory benefits 4. To find out the policies for health and safety measures 5. To identify the satisfaction level of employees towards incentives (salary), bonus 6. To find out the effectiveness of performance appraisal in the organization 7. To find out the satisfaction level of employees on leave rules and permissions followed in the organisation


FIELD OF STUDY Researcher has done the research in TTK Health Care Ltd which is located in Pallavaram, Chennai – 43. TTK Healthcare Ltd is a member of the TTK Group of Companies, a highly successfull and diverse multi-product, multi-unit manufacturing and marketing organisation with a sales turnover of Rs.500 crores.
The origin of the TTK Group dates back to 1908 when Mr.T.T.Krishnamachari started an indenting house, to market the products of Lever Brothers. From this venture, the company expanded its activities into the marketing of internationally well known branded products such as Cadbury's Chocolates, Woodward's Gripe water, Kiwi Boot Polish, Flit Insecticides,Beecham's Toiletries, Mortan' sweets and Cosmetics from Cheeseborough - Ponds.
In course of time the Group gradually extended its marketing activity into manufacturing and today produces a range of leading brands such as the
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