A Study on Ethical Leadership

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Ethical Leadership Introduction In the study of ethics, there are a wide variety of ideas that are used to influence the way that someone looks at a particular situation. The case study that was examined (titled: Names of Suicide Victims) is discussing the morality of publishing the names of last four people who committed suicide in the college newspaper. At first this was in response to the rising trends that were taking place inside the community. Now this program has evolved to the point that editors of the newspaper are starting to publish more personal information about the individual. This is raising various moral concerns about these practices. To fully understand the ethics of this situation involves: examining if this is an acceptable policy, how this could prevent future suicides, the potential harm and if the newspaper should be punished. Together, these elements will highlight how ethical decisions can influence the outcome of events. ("Names of Suicide Victims") Is it acceptable for the student newspaper to print the names and pertinent details of the deaths? Possibly. In certain situations, the student newspaper could be acting ethically if they printed the name and details of the death. This could occur once the family has agreed to provide these descriptions to the general public. In this situation, the fact that they family is releasing information to the press is considered to be ethical. (Mackenzie) However, during those instances when the family
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