A Study on Gender-Based Violence

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ABSTRACT Despite women are of higher status socially in many countries than before, it is found that domestic violence against women is still a universal problem. This paper will explore the phenomenon gender-based violence in Hong Kong as compared to the global situation. An extensive literature review was conducted to explore the existing theories and risk factors associated with domestic violence. A qualitative study of women victims was then undertaken to gain further insight on the current gender-based violence situation in Hong Kong. In the discussion, the limitations of the study were examined and the results were compared of with literature findings. A STUDY ON GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE IN HONG KONG…show more content…
Being female is the risk factor by itself. Though not exclusively, most of the violence against women takes place within families and the perpetrator are almost exclusively men, usually intimate to the woman. Local Phenomenon of Gender-based Violence An increasing number of domestic violence incidents is associated with the rapid demographic, social, and economic changes in Hong Kong. The number of newly reported battered spouse cases increased more than double fold from 3,371 in 2004 to 6,843 in 2008, with 81.5% of victims being female (Social Welfare Department 2004, 2008). This represents only the iceberg because it is estimated that a large proportion of victims choose to keep silence. The problem attracted public attention on 11th April, 2004 when a man committed suicide after killing her daughters and wife at Tin Shu Wai. Before the tragedy occurred, the wife had reported being battered by her husband to the Social Welfare Department repeatedly. The case has alerted the Government to announce ‘zero tolerance’ policy on domestic violence. According to a survey conducted by Chan Ko Ling (2000), 50.5% of the battered women endured the situation for as long as six years. This reflects a high degree of tolerance over the problem by women. In another study on 1,695 victims presented with intimate partner violence to the
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