A Study on Home Textile Export Performance with Special Reference to Karur Town

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The Textile industry in India is one of the largest segments of the Indian economy, accounting for over one fifth of the country's industrial production. It provides employment to about 15 million people. The Home Furnishings industry in India falls under the purview of the textile, which has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few years. With the increased exposure to the international scene in the recent past, the Indian market, and the Indian consumer has evolved into a design and trend conscious citizen.
The urban home furnishings retail market is estimated to be Rs. 9,300 crore and is expected to reach Rs 20,000 crore by the year 2012. The bed and bath
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The opening up of economy gave the much-needed thrust to the Indian textile industry, which has now successfully become one of the largest in the world. India textile industry is also the largest in the country in terms of employment generation. It not only generates jobs in its own industry, but also opens up scopes for the other ancillary sectors. Indian textile industry currently generates employment to more than 35 million people. It is also estimated that, the industry will generate 12 million new jobs by the year
This study is to evaluate the home textile export performance in Karur and to analyse the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats related to their export. The present study was aimed to find conclusion for the issues and suggest measures for the same

1.5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The present study utilized both primary and secondary data. . The data from the respondents were collected through interview schedule method originally as the study was based on primary data the questionnaire used for the schedule was in English. Closed – ended question form and multiple choice questions was used in the schedule. The opinion and suggestion of the respondents on the topic under discussion also elicited.
The secondary data was extracted from document sources various publication of the central , state or

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