A Study on Homogeneous Sectioning

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A Study On The High School Sectioning System The 4th Year Students’ Perspectives Submitted By: Darren Xavier T. Lucenario IV- St. Francis Submitted To: Ms. Jean Victoria Malenab January 7,2013 Table Of Contents Title Page 1 Table of Contents 2 I. Introduction a. Introductory Part b. Topic c. Definition of Terms II. Significance of the Study III. Research Proper a. Data, Papers, Researches, and Other Information Gathered IV. Advantages and Disadvantages a. Advantages b. Disadvantages V. Conclusion VI. Survey Conclusion VII. Appendix a. Questions to Answer b. Graphs (Survey Results) c. Bibliography A Study On The High School Sectioning System: The 4th Year Students’…show more content…
4. Competition- happens if there are two or more groups competing to achieve a common goal. 5. Cream Section- a section consisting of students who are considered to be “the cream of the crop”. They are students who show great ability in intellectual, artistic and other skills 6. Homogeneous Sectioning- the creation of sections based on students’ mental abilities and capabilities 7. Heterogeneous Sectioning- the process of dividing students equally among sections regardless of their skills, abilities, or capabilities 8. Label- titles or names given to higher or lower section students 9. Motivation- persistence of behavior; degree in aspiring for academic achievement and degree the chosen behavior is undertaken 10. Peers- an individual’s friends (excluding classmates) 11. Perspective- one’s own visualization or picture over the subject matter 12. Sectioning- the act or practice of grouping student into sections (section A, B, C etc.). There are two types/technique of sectioning students, (1) Homogenous Sectioning, or ability grouping of students, and (2) Heterogeneous sectioning, the random grouping II. Significance of the Study The study on Homogeneous Sectioning and how 4th year students visualize it shows significance in different groups in the HS institution.

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