A Study on Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars Introduction Over the last several years, hybrid vehicles have become very popular. This is because they are environmentally friendly, save on energy costs and are utilizing an alternate source of power to run the vehicle. However, there have been problems reported with these cars and the technology that is utilized. To fully understand what is happening, there will be a focus on the article titled Hybrid Cars 101. This will be accomplished by providing a summary, evaluating key ideas and offering recommendations. Together, these elements will highlight the challenges impacting these cars and possible solutions for dealing with them. Summary In the article, there have been problems reported with the batteries for the Honda Civic Hybrid. This is because it is supposed to last the entire lifetime of the vehicle. However, a number of owners have reported that within two to four years the car will lose fuel economy and power. At first, the company thought this was a software glitch and had affected owners upload a patch. This made their problems worse by causing fuel economy to fall from 45 to 33 miles per gallon. These problems were attributed to the nickel metal hydride batteries. This is because it would fall all the way to zero after being fully charged. When this happens continuously, it will have an adverse impact on its performance and longevity. In similar studies that were conducted on other models (such as: the Toyota Prius) there were no issues

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