A Study on Interpersonal Relationships

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Introduction The aim of the present research is to provide a link between the impact of significant others on self and how they affect interpersonal behavior even when they are below conscious awareness. In the study of Baldwin, Carrell and Lopez (1990), they argued that the way people experience self is highly dependent other people. People engage in many thoughts about others’ perception of themselves. Accordingly, how one evaluates himself or herself depends on how his or her significant other is probably evaluating them. In the study, they investigated subconscious priming of disapproval by significant others, and showed the effects on participants’ evaluations regarding self-related aspects, they found a consistency of facial expression and participants’ judgment when significant other (compared to unfamiliar other) is primed. The idea of relational self is therefore developed (Andersen & Chen 2002; Andersen & Saribay, 2005; Andersen & Thorpe 2009). In those studies, according to the relational self hypothesis, the experienced self concept and activated evaluations are impacted by the significant other who is part of the specific relational self. Therefore when a significant other is present, or when he or she is reminded via transference, personal characteristics that come to mind and become active will more likely to be in similar valence with that significant other. It is also found that what kind of a self (either dreaded or desired) will be experienced might also
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