A Study on Jamaal Islamiya

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Southeast Asia has been home for indigenous Islamic militant groups for decades. These groups were weak and most of them operated in their own country or island focus being on adoption of sharia law and seeking independence from central government. Jemaah Islamiyah, derived from an Arabic name that means Islam community, is a militant Islamic group that is active in several Southeast Asian countries and is an example of a terrorism organization (Zalman, 2004). This organization aims to establish a pan-Islamic state all over that region. It was added to the United Nations committees list of terrorist organizations.
Leadership and structure The history of JI's leadership is not clear though there are two founders who led or played a very high level role; these leaders were Abdullah Sungkar and Abu Bakar Bashir who are the two leaders that conceptualized the group. The founders established the group as a result of an internal split within the Darul Islam movement. The members are estimated to be between five hundred and several thousand members. The JI has a defined structure that is characterized by a depth of leadership that gives it a regenerative capacity. At the apex of the JI hierarchy is the Amir who appoints and presides over the governing, religious and disciplinary councils. The governing council is headed by a central command whose function is policy…

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