A Study on National Security Strategy

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National security is paramount to the protection of America and its constituents. It is imperative, particularly as the world becomes more global, that nation security maintains the integrity of the entire system. Technology, due in part to globalization, is becoming more ubiquitous. Tools that can ultimately destroy mankind, through international trade, are becoming more widespread. Through national security, American and the rest of the world can better protect themselves against the influences of war. Through strong leadership and collaboration, all nations, irrespective of location can proper and succeed. The NSS report, unveiled what I believe to be the core principles of success in regards to national security. The first aspect of economic sustainability is very important for future nation security concerns. Issues such as the federal budget, the impending fiscal cliff, and the current economic recovery all have a direct correlation to national security. For one, the nation may be unable to fund national security efforts as the budget is unbalanced. The fiscal cliff, resulting in adverse tax increases at precisely the wrong time in the economic recovery could send the nation into a deeper recession (Betts, 1995). This will leave the country vulnerable as the nation will be unable to invest in areas such as math, science, infrastructure, education, and innovation. Ultimately, these circumstances will make America less competitive as we enter into the information age.
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