A Study on Professional Learning Communities

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Professional Learning Communities Abstract PLC means professional learning communities which are set up by teachers in order to help the students who seem to be lagging behind the others academically. This is a way to reach out to the students on a more personal level, where they get to interact not only with the books, but also with the teachers who are able to guide them by recognizing their strengths and their weaknesses. This form of assistance goes a long way in assisting the student develop a positive attitude towards studies and have the zeal to excel by having a personal coach present to guide them whenever they get stuck or make a mistake. This is a very encouraging way of ensuring homogenous learning in today's academic institutions. The parents of the poorly performing students themselves seem grateful for the attention given to their young ones, as it is any parent's dream to see their children excel academically, and at the same time get value for their money. Introduction There have been studies carried out on this issue of PLC, as to whether it is functional not only in theory, but also in practical, especially in a real school setting. For this reason, this essay will show why this document best highlights this issue. Professional Learning Communities First of all, this study used a multiple case study in three schools that were below the required standards and to find out how the theoretical ideas were being implemented in their practical application.
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