A Study on Project Communication

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Project Communication Discussion Stakeholders Phase Identifying and communicating with project stakeholders in the initial phase is all about recognizing and speaking to influence, and thus the information that needs to be communicated to each individual stakeholder should speak to their individual area(s) of influence (Sanghera, 2010; Hendrickson, 2008). For the project at hand, homeowners near proposed highway should be given information regarding the benefits to their communities and the ways in which traffic and noise issues will be controlled, while stakeholders directly involved in carrying out the project will need information regarding the other stakeholders, obstacles, and accomplishments so that they can effectively plan. Client Initiation Client initiation requires communication of the project expectations, including timelines, deliverables and costs (Sanghera, 2010). During this phase of the project described, communication with appropriate government entities should include concrete details of the project impact and the collection of information regarding feasibility. Construction companies and other vendors should receive information regarding timeline expectations and requirements for contract awarding (Hendrickson, 2008). This communication will ensure that the client is secure in knowing the project can proceed as envisioned. Senior Management/Project Sponsor Planning The urgency and frequency of information updates is a key factor in choosing
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