A Study on Recruitment and Job Analysis for Nurses

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Recruitment and Job Analysis for Nurses: The recruitment of nurses has become a common characteristic in the modern health care industry since hospice homes, hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities are usually looking for nurses with diverse skills. The need for qualified and competent nurses with a broad range of skills is also fueled by the fact that other institutions like schools, prisons, and even the military needs these professionals. However, the ability of these facilities and institutions to recruit competent nursing professionals is influenced by the kind of recruitment plan adopted in the facility. The recruitment plan should carefully consider and adopt appropriate selection strategies and methods that effectively address the workforce planning needs. The recruitment plan should also incorporate a clear description of job positions, specification, and analysis as well as the various components of the selection process. Recruitment Plan for North Dakota's Center for Rural Health: The Center for Rural Health in North Dakota is one of the leading health care facilities in North Dakota that has recently been faced with nurse faculty shortage. As a result, there is a huge need for adopting appropriate recruitment strategy that would help in addressing this shortage. The recruitment plan should be based on three specific areas in the nurse workforce i.e. attracting more nurses into the healthcare facility, promoting increased development of
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