A Study on Sales Promotional Activities of Pepsico

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Summer Internship Project Report
Submitted in partial fulfillment of
The Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Degree under Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Rourkela

Regd. No.: 0906202052 Roll No.: 200975721

2009 - 2011

Under the guidance of
Mr. Ratnakar Mishra

Palur Hills, Berhampur, Orissa – 761008, India


I take this opportunity to place on record my grateful thanks and sincere gratitude to Who has given me this opportunity to conduct this project work in this organization. My study would not have been completed if I had not been able to
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Ltd. A field study was undertaken during the period of July to August 2010. Promotional activities play a greater and important role in the entire marketing effort being carried out by Tripty drinks Pvt.Ltd, “to generate more sales as well as to create and maintain an image of its product”.

Thus Tripty drinks Pvt. Ltd carried out its promotional activities as a controlled and integrated program of communication and material design to present its soft drink to the prospective customer. It also helps in communication the need satisfying qualities of soft drink, to facilitate the sales and eventually to contribute towards the profit in long range.

The tools used by Tripty drinks Pvt. Ltd, for fulfilling the various purposes of its promotional activities are the following:- ➢ Point of sale display ➢ Dealer’s sales contest ➢ Sales promotion through special event market ➢ Advertising ➢ Incentives ➢ Games
Point of Sale Display:
A sensible man does not have to go far to find out whatever a common panwala knows that people buy with their eyes. Every item on sale in a shop is displayed in front where people can see it at first sight.
It is the same with all the shops and vendors in towns either selling consumer or selling soft drinks. Rather in selling a product like PEPSI display is more than help, it is an essential element because soft drink is bought on impulses on

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