A Study on Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Industry

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Customer is the pivot in marketing. Customer behavior and customer satisfaction plays a good role in marketing set-up. Everything depends up on the behavior of customers. Marketers must find out the needs and wants of customers first and the set up product features based on this. It is not easy to change the attitude of customers and induce them to buy a product. It is a difficult task to force them to change the attitude of customers. But customer’s preference may vary from one customer to another. It depends on the features of a product and other factors. Customer satisfaction has a vital role in marketing. To trace out the attitude, preferences,
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The Indian paper industry, struggled hard for its serial on account on curtailment of imports of wood pulp during 1914 – 1918. Therefore from 1925 the government of India grated various type of protection on the industry by way of introducing import duty on severed goods of imported paper and wood pulp. TNPL engage in research for improving the quality of the product Responsibility of TNPL towards owners is the persons who own the business. They contribute capital and bear the Business risks. The primary responsibilities of TNPL towards its owners are to:- a. Run the business efficiently. b. Proper utilization of capital and other resources. c. Growth and appreciation of capital. d. Regular and fair return on capital invested. Responsibility of TNPL towards investors Investors are those who provide finance by way of investment in debentures, bonds Deposits etc . Banks, financial institutions, and investing public are all included in this category. The responsibilities of business towards its investors are:- * Ensuring safety of their investment.
Responsibility of TNPL towards consumers * Consumers by providing quality products at the most competitive price. *

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