A Study on Traffic Violations Essay

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INTRODUCTION Violations in traffic laws are very common in a highly populated country like India. The conditions are even worse in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore and Chennai. The accidents associated with these violations cause a huge loss to life and property.
Same is the case in Chennai. Being a metro city and a highly populated one also, has a lot of road accidents every year. Despite this the violations in traffic laws do not reduce. A lot of people disobey the rules every day sometimes willingly and sometimes because they are forced to do so because of others.
The major traffic laws in India
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Also it has a vast population which causes a lot of traffic on the roads. Knowing these factors help us to collect more accurate data because it enables us to compare between different situations and make a better analysis. These factors can be identified as:
Overcrowded roads because of a large population, Maximum traffic is observed during office hours i.e. between 8.00-10.00AM and 5.00-8.00PM. Therefore the maximum violations are also done during these peak hours. Are report includes study during both peak as well as non peak hours. One another important factor is that since most of the offices are in the areas like Vandalur and Perangalatur, the maximum traffic is observed in these areas. So these areas experience maximum breaking of traffic laws.
The violations mentioned in the report are:
Overloading of vehicles- it is very common in the case of two wheelers.
Not wearing helmets or seat belts is also a major rule which is not followed and is the cause of many deaths and serious injuries.
Drunken driving and speeding beyond a mentioned limit.
Driving in the wrong direction is one of the key violations.
Not obeying the traffic signals is observed mainly during the peak hours of traffic as everyone is in a rush to reach early.
Thus, these are the basis on which the report is based.

As the traffic violations will give out better results when studied at the places with high density of
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