A Study on Wrongful Termination in Malaysia

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Wrongful Termination in Malaysia Introduction In an increasingly globalized marketplace, cross-cultural employment and management issues are becoming increasingly commonplace as multinational corporations seek to expand their operations into foreign markets. In this environment, it is not surprising that misunderstandings and disputes may arise during the administration of employment contracts. The manner in which these types of cases are adjudicated provides some useful insights into what may reasonable be expected in similar circumstances for similarly situated enterprises in the future. To gain some fresh insights into this area, this study provides a review of four precedential cases from Malaysia and an analysis of these real-world employment and industrial law cases to identify appropriate remedies for wrongful dismissal and to determine if the best remedy was well defined and justified. A summary of the research and important findings are provided in the study's conclusion. Review and Analysis Background and Overview Thousands of ppeople in Malaysia are hired and fired every day without incident, but in a few cases, employees consider their termination unjust or unwarranted. According to Black's Law Dictionary (1991), wrongful termination is "an employee's cause of action against his former employer, alleging that his discharge was in violation of state or federal statutes or employment contracts" (p. 1612). When cases involving wrongful termination arise, it

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