A Study on the Affect of Music on Patients

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Critical Analysis of Nominated Literature: Lee-Chen Chen and his colleagues conducted a study on how music intervention or therapy lessens pre-radiotherapy anxiety in oncology patients through a fifteen-minute procedure. The purpose of the research was to examine the impact of music therapy and intervention on lessening pre-radiotherapy anxiety in these patients. The researchers carried out their study because of the tendency by oncology patients to react to radiation treatment with anxiety that is expressed in different forms such as frustration, fear, depression, and stress. Based on its findings, the study provides necessary insights regarding interventions that could help in decreasing anxiety levels among these patients as they undergo the treatment procedure. However, the study also raises some critical questions and concerns that are helpful in critiquing it and informing future studies. Background of the Study: The health issue under examination is this study is psychological distress among cancer patients treated with radiotherapy. The researchers examine this health issue because oncology patients usually respond to diagnosis and treatment through emotional expressions or symptoms in the form of anxiety. Some of the most commonly expressed forms of anxiety include stress, depression, fear, and frustration (Chen, Wang, Shih & Wu, 2013, p.436). While these researchers focus on how music therapy helps to lessen this anxiety, they do not demonstrate how it is
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