A Study on the Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty of Furniture Purchaser in on-Line Shop

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A study on the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty of furniture purchaser in on-line shop
Yongju Jeong and Yongsung Lee
Department of Business Administration, The University of Incheon, Incheon, South Korea
Purpose – The paper intends to explore the influencing factors on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the internet shopping mall through service quality based on the data obtained from furniture purchaser. Design/methodology/approach – The research model and the relevant research hypothesis were set up through the data derived from the existing researches, and then the relevant
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2. Theoretical backgrounds 2.1 Internet shopping mall Internet shopping allows the purchaser to search and survey the information on service or product by accessing internet shopping site through internet in remote place instead of retail shop as a physical space, and then enables to select or order the goods, and ultimately pay the money using credit card to purchase the goods/services (Ruth, 2000). It is defined as the collective concept of on-line shops having the products in a variety of lines where advertisement and exhibition of the products for internet shopping is carried out through electronic shopping mall, server is equipped with data like prices, structures, characteristics of various products, webpage provides information on the product together with multi-media information (Hoffman and Novak, 1996). Internet shopping mall is characterized by connecting producer directly with final end-user while traditional off-line market comprises four steps from producer through final consumer. In addition, it is rarely restricted by time/space, and easy to acquire information from customer. Traditional commercial transaction requires a large amount of investment to maintain fixed assets and human resource, while e-commerce requires investment mainly for system installation only. Besides, in terms of

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