A Study on the Employee Welfare Measures Ai Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Herbal Concentratesltd

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CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Introduction Welfare is a comprehensive term refers to the physical moral, mental and emotional well being of an individual. Labour welfare is an extension of the term welfare and its application to labour . The concept of labour welfare has received inspiration from the concept of democracy and welfare state. The importance of labour welfare measures was recognized as early as on 1931 when the royal commission on labour had come in to existence. The purpose of providing welfare amenities is to bring about the development of the whole personality of the workers – his social, psychological, economic, moral, cultural, intellectual development to…show more content…
o Sample size o The researcher chooses 100 respondents from Nagarjuna o Sampling o As the sample size was limited to 100 from the from Nagarjuna The researcher chooses simple random sampling method to get the data PRIMARY DATA SOURCES o Interview with managers, office staff and workers. o Questionnaire o Observation Method Questionnaire Questionnaires are a popular means of collecting data, but are difficult to design and often require many rewrites before an acceptable questionnaire is produced. SECONDARY DATA SOURCES o Data collected from company files o Data collected from company web sites o Data collected from HR department. Data analysis o Percentage Analysis This analysis is mainly using to identify the percentage s of the collected data in the Questionnaire. CHAPTERISATION 1 Introduction The 1st is the introduction chapter. It includes a brief Description about the topic, objectives of the study, scope of the study, importance of the study, research methodology,chapteisation, limitations of the study, etc. 2 Review of literature The 2nd chapter includes industry profile ,Profile of Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates ltd,and Theoretical background of the study 3 Research methodology The 3rd is the research methodology it describe methodology of the study,types

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