A Study on the Frozen Yogurt Industry in the Philippines

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I. Industry

Today’s industry shows a huge concern regarding fitness. These days, consumers are more inclined towards healthy options. With this said change in culture, frozen yogurt was able to adapt and provides consumers with a healthy alternative that can cater to various taste preferences. Yogurt is known to be sour in nature. Many companies have been able to maintain its flavor but at the same time were able to alter the generic taste of yogurt that satisfies various types of consumers.
Since this topic is new in nature, the researchers decided to further study the behavior of consumers towards the shift in cultural trends. The brands chosen for this study are Red Mango, White Hat, FruttiFroyo, Golden Spoon and
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Frozen yogurt is the perfect snack to munch on in order to keep that figure in shape due to the different varieties that are found in yogurt outlets which are delicious and guilt free.
Guilt-free dessert
Frozen Yogurt is often a dessert that health conscious individuals turn to in order to satisfy their cravings. Most Frozen Yogurt outlets serve a variety of yogurt flavors depending on the taste and preference of consumers as well as choice of toppings such as fresh fruits, cereals, and many more. Frozen yogurt has lower fat content, like the use of milk solids and yogurt culture, instead of cream and sugar which is found in high portions in ice cream.
Location plays an essential element in every business. It may either make or break a business depending on how the people welcome it to the market. It is seen that there are many Yogurt industries today but the different brands are not scattered equally. For example, some brands like Red Mango, Lulu Belle, Yogurt Buds, and California Berry are distributed more in the northern part of Metro Manila. There are also many yogurt establishments in the malls, which serves as a strength to the brands that dominate the population in that area since there are fewer competitions.
Frozen Yogurt is considered as trendy because in today’s generation “Froyo” is the new form of ice cream in a more healthy way, giving the same

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