A Study on the Hayes Wheelwright Model

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An S1 SEC form for most companies is a major organizational experience. It signals the first step in taking a company public through the offering of common stock. But in reality, it is much more than that. It is an intensive transformational process that can require major strategic and operational management changes. For regular businesses, this experience can be daunting. But imagine what it would be like for a company that has not only been a staunch advocate for maintaining being innovatively private, but that is large enough, if given the chance, to be one of the planet's largest nations? Facebook is about to experience this transformative process in a way that will generate massive resources for its founders, create a stakeholder community of public interests, and send a message of possibilities across the stage of the social media digital universe. But as this happens, it should not be forgotten that it will also result in massive business operational management challenges challenges that will likely run against the grain of how Facebook does what Facebook does. This assessment will look at the organizational management issues related to how Facebook got to this point by walking through its transition through the Hayes and Wheelwright (HW) model. It will then take a brief look at the transformative process that organizational theorists went through as their models of understanding moved from being focused just on internal forces of organization drive and

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