A Study on the Strategic Growth & Future Prospect of E -Marketing in India

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Statement of Research Interest A study on the Strategic growth & future prospect of E -Marketing in India Introduction As per research title ‘e-Marketing – The Strategic Growth & Future Prospect in India’ is concerned, it can be stated, that ‘this research work is an attempt of contemporary overview of changing face of Marketing in India. E-Marketing is the new face of these changing phenomena.’ As per general understanding of e-Marketing term is concerned, it is also referred as Internet Marketing, I-Marketing, Web Marketing, Online Marketing, or, is the marketing of…show more content…
Literature Review The dotcom era has revolutionized the way we do business. Now, products and services are bought and sold over electronic systems such as the Internet and the amount of trade conducted electronically is growing at a rapid pace. The emergence of ecommerce has significantly lowered barriers to entry. Many small business houses are able to sell their wares either through online auction sites or via large corporate Web sites, and reaping the benefits of exposure such sites provide. Hence, a competent marketing team that can understand the market and operationally strategies is vital for the survival of such ecommerce companies. “E-marketing is the result of technology applied to traditional marketing. It affects traditional marketing in two ways — increases efficiency in traditional functions, and the technology in e-marketing transforms many marketing strategies.” This in turn will result in new business models that add customer value and/or increase company profitability. India is rapidly adopting e-marketing and according to a Nasscom report, by 2012, 80 per cent of business done in the country will be through ecommerce. The e-Marketing has brought many unique benefits to traditional marketing strategy in India, one of which being lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature

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